Green Goddess Supply The Wise Owl Hand Pipe - Double Bowl Glass Spoon

Green Goddess Supply

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  • Green Goddess Supply Hand Pipe
  • The Wise Owl Hand Pipe
  • Double Bowl Glass Spoon!
  • 2 Bowls Are Where The Owl's Eyes Would Be
  • Perfect For Loading Up Two Bowls In One Shot
  • Light Them One By One
  • Or Go Double-Barreled
  • A Definite Conversational Glass Art Piece
  • Primarily Opaque Black Glass w/ Green Accents.


This ultra unique glass spoon features TWO bowls!

That's right - this cool piece features bowls where the large eyes would be, channeling together in the chamber below.   A definite conversation starter, and perfect for loading up two bowls in one shot -- light them one by one, or go double-barreled!

This glass piece is primarily opaque black glass, with green accents.

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