RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller Adjustable Rolling Machine


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This RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller can roll standard or FAT rolls and is made using a specially produced natural hemp composite plastic that is then formed through an innovative eco-friendly cold-injection process.  Even our rolling aprons use double-thick, high tensile strength vinyl.  RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Rollers are designed to last!

RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller available in 3 sizes: 70mm, 79mm & 110mm.

Each RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller has a switch on the side to select standard (skinnier) or wide (fatter).  Click the button below for more instructions on how to use your RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller.

Available sizes:

  • 70mm
  • 79mm
  • 110mm


  • RAW-RM-70MM
  • RAW-RM-79MM
  • RAW-RM-110MM

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