RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones

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RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones are made for all people whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur looking for an easier way to roll. In an industry that has stone-aged ways of embracing innovation, the RAW Pre-Rolled Cones began a revolution in the smoking industry because they’re faster and easier to fill than a normal rolling paper. RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones are steam watermarked for slow-burning and to help prevent annoying runs/canoeing. The only thing left to say is for you to go get your stuff, grind-up your stuff, then pack in your stuff, and then light-up and enjoy your stuff in a RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cone.  


  • Natural hemp paper pre-rolled cones with filter tips
  • Slow-burn
  • Steam watermark to prevent runs/canoeing 

Available Natural Hemp Paper Sizes:

  • Single Pack 1-1/4"
  • Single Pack King Size
  • 3 Pack 1-1/4"
  • 3 Pack King Size
  • 32 Pack Box 1-1/4"
  • 32 Pack Box King Size


  • RAW-114-CONE 
  • RAW-114-CONE-3PK
  • RAW-114-CONE-BOX