Green Goddess Supply PotPocket - Handmade Wooden Holder for Joints, Blunts and Cones

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A PotPocket is a wooden carrying case for rolled joints, cones, blunts or cigarettes.  Its convenient and attractive design allows for carrying up to three pre-rolls in a discreet manner. We offer 3 sizes to accommodate your smoking needs.

REGULAR measures   3“ X 2” Holds 3
LARGE  measures   5” X 2” Holds 3
PHAT  measures   5” X 2” Holds 2


PotPockets comfortably fit it your pocket or purse for easy accessibility. The case is uniquely designed to extinguish a lit joint simply by placing it into one of the three self closing compartments.  Once the case is closed – the joint is extinguished due to lack of oxygen. This allows the user to finish the joint at a later time and therefore cuts back on waste, odor and mess.

Each PotPocket is handmade from a variety of colored/stained woods, and no two are identical.  Each order is filled based upon size, but colors will vary. 


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