Mountain High Cones 140mm 1.8 Grams Party Size Cones 700 Cones Per Box (010-0003)

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  • 140mm Original Cones
  • Made Of Thin High-Quality Rice Paper
  • 26mm Cardboard Filter 
  • Box Contains 700 140mm Cones

    The 140mm party size pre rolled rice paper Cones. Cones bulk box contains 700 Cones Party Size Papers with a 26mm filter. These party size Cones hold approximately 1.8 Grams.

    The Cones® Cases are large quantity Cones® boxes that available in sizes ranging from 70mm to 280mm. Depending on the size, these pre rolled cones are available in original rice paper, natural unbleached paper, Bio Organic Hemp and budget smoking paper options. These large quantity bulk cases are perfect for dispensaries and other large scale operations that want to mass order their pre rolled paper Cones®.

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