MoodSLAB Mat (34")

MoodSLAB Mat (34")

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A must have for any serious collector. Protect your glass during heady bath-time w/ your new MoodSLAB mat. No more sink accidents or micro-scratches.

All mats save “valuable rubber scraps” from entering a landfills! Moodmats are the U.S.A.’s original neoprene upcycling company & take everything from wetsuits, gaskets, weatherstripping, wheelchair seat molds, stock car tires, and plenty more “clean” donations to make up what they call “LAVA RUBBER” which is then die-cut and print.

  • Made of recycled neoprene
  • 17" x 34"
  • Made in the USA by Moodmats


  • 9744bc4f-5ca8-4670-ba77-d85542edd8bb

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