Ragabong Medium Bamboo Bongs


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Made from organic bamboo, this beautiful bamboo bong by Ragabong combines the sensual feel of a hand-crafted wood pipe with the smoke-cooling water filtration of classic water pipes. The bong tube is fitted with a 10 mm downstem and mini slide bowl. Ragabong recommends cleaning your bamboo bong by rinsing with cold water, never warm or hot water, which could melt the beeswax seal.

Please clean your Ragabong using only cold water and bong cleaning material. Because of the natural materials, hot water is not recommended.

Available Colors:

  • Red Leaf
  • Green Leaf
  • Black Leaf
  • Natural Leaf


  • WS9300
  • WS9301
  • WS9302
  • WS9303

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