New Item! Doobtube with Filter Tip


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  •    Aircraft grade aluminum
  •    Filter tip blocks resin & tar
  •    Filter tip protects your lungs
  •    Provides child safety lock
  •    Fits joints, blunts, e-pens
  •    Provides space for extra filter
  •    Smell proof when closed

Carry your joints like a boss. This aluminum DOOB TUBE is designed to protect not only your joints and blunts. There is a Filter Tip inside that protects your mouth and lungs from unwanted hot bits of resin & tar. It prevents tongue and throat burns and enhances your lungs safety. Filter Tip inside also cools the smoke and makes it incredibaly smooth. This Doob Tube is smell proof and provides child safety locking. Made from biodegradable & non toxic materals, it is sustainable and is safe for the environment. You will not get ash on your hands everytime you remove the joint from the tube as you dont need to flip it upside down as you do with any other doobtubes.