Creating Better Days 2 Pack 50mg CBD Lollipops

Creating Better Days

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The CBD Lollipops by Creating Better Days are the perfect way to find relaxation after a busy day. Each lollipop is infused with 25mg of nano-emulsified CBD. They're also vegan-friendly and contain no sugar or fat. All products made by Creating Better Days are safe, gentle, and effective.

These CBD products are perfect for someone who is health-conscious but is still looking to enjoy CBD that works and tastes great. Functions of the Endocannabinoid System:* Memory* Appetite* Stress Response* Immune Function* Nervous Function* Sleep* Energy Balance and Metabolism*

Ingredients: Isomalt, Nano Amplified Anhydrous CBD Oil, Natural Watermelon Flavoring, Food Coloring – Red #3

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